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When I first started practicing criminal law in Conyers, Georgia in 1981, prosecutions for driving under the influence (DUI) were somewhat rare. Many people, including peace officers, viewed DUI in the same vein as any other traffic violation. Everyone knew it was dangerous to run stop signs or ignore crosswalks or drive home after happy hour. Now, alcohol and driving are recognized among the leading causes of preventable death in the United States. The political climate has changed, and no one wants to face an angry group of concerned citizens or hostile politicians. The legal team at The Law Offices of William F. Todd, Jr., P.C. has more than three decades of experience in defending citizens against DUI charges.

Georgia has strict DUI laws. A blood alcohol content (BAC) of 0.08 is legally intoxicated in most circumstances. The prosecutor may only have to show a BAC of 0.02 if you are under 21; 0.04 is the limit for commercial drivers.

What are some aspects of a DUI arrest and prosecution?

DUI is distinct from other criminal cases in several ways. Factors pertaining to DUIs include:

  • License revocation, or at least license suspension, is a fairly common DUI punishment and can occur in several ways. If you refuse to submit to a breath or blood sample, your license may be suspended. If you are convicted of a first offense, your license may be suspended. If you are under 21 and you are convicted of DUI, your license may be suspended. However, if you are convicted of more than one DUI, your license may be permanently revoked.
  • Field sobriety tests may be performed if a peace officer suspects that the driver may be illegally under the influence. Generally, a peace officer pulls over a vehicle after a simple traffic offense, such as failing to signal a lane change or failing to maintain a single lane. If the officer detects signs of intoxication, such as an odor of alcohol or bloodshot eyes, the officer may perform a number of tests on the driver. You have seen most of them in the movies and on TV: walking a straight line, touching your nose, reciting the alphabet and so forth.
  • DUI consequences greatly depend on whether the case is a repeat DUI offense. The first two convictions are misdemeanors, but unlike other misdemeanors, a DUI conviction includes mandatory jail time, license suspension and community service. The third DUI, and any subsequent conviction, is a felony.

When can a person be charged with DUI?

Most people associate driving under the influence (DUI) accidents with alcohol and illegal drug use. Indeed, the vast majority of DUI crimes do involve alcohol. But a person can be legally DUI without ever taking a sip of beer or a puff on a marijuana cigarette. A person can use prescription painkillers exactly as prescribed, and still be pulled over and charged with DUI in Georgia.

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