Zealously Defending Drug Crimes in Rockdale County, Georgia
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When people hear the phrase “illegal drugs,” they usually think of substances such as heroin, cocaine or methamphetamine. But, chances are, many of the items in your medicine cabinet could be classified as illegal drugs. Some common drug crimes in Rockdale County, which I have both prosecuted and defended, include substances such as cocaine, marijuana, methamphetamines, LSD (lysergic acid diethylamide) and Xanax. The legal team at The Law Offices of William F. Todd, Jr., P.C. takes your drug crime seriously and I use every resource available to aggressively defend your charges.
What are the different types of drug crimes?

To obtain a drug crime conviction, the prosecution must nearly always include at least one of four charges:

  • Manufacturing substances like methamphetamine is becoming more and more common. Growing marijuana plants, even if the drug is not used for recreational purposes, can also fall into this category.
  • Distribution sounds much worse than “selling,” but the two words are basically synonymous. Most people think of selling drugs such as involving methamphetamines or cocaine, but selling your leftover Percocet to your neighbor is also considered distribution. The more illegal substances you are caught with, the more severe your penalty.
  • Trafficking involves large amounts of controlled substances. Alleged drug traffickers can face both state and federal charges.
  • Possession is probably the most basic form of a Conyers, Georgia drug crime. A prosecutor can prove either actual or constructive possession. If you are driving your friend’s car, and there are illegal drugs in the glove box, you could very well be charged with possession.

What are the consequences if convicted of a drug crime?

The penalties of a serious crime, such as a drug charge, are always serious, underscoring your need for experienced and effective representation by the legal team at The Law Offices of William F. Todd, Jr. The actual consequences partially depend on the type and amount of drug. A dime bag of marijuana or a handful of Lortab is much less serious than a bag of cocaine or a handful of methamphetamine. There is also the type of offense: trafficking is more serious than possession. Finally, there is your criminal history. If you are already on probation or parole, even for an unrelated offense, you are almost certainly looking at some prison time if you are convicted.
Use an experienced Conyers drug crimes attorney to protect your liberty.

If you have been charged with a drug crime in Conyers, Georgia, you face very serious consequences. Contact The Law Offices of William F. Todd, Jr., P.C. for an experienced attorney who has both the skills and the compassion to handle your case with competence and care. You can reach me by calling 770-679-2444 or online to schedule your free initial consultation.