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The term white collar crime was coined in 1939 to describe any type of financially motivated nonviolent crime. Today, white collar crime can include financial and nonfinancial crimes, the latter category including committing environmental crimes and ignoring state and federal regulations. The Law Offices of William F. Todd, Jr., P.C. has represented numerous people charged with a white collar crime. Let me help you.

What are the different types of white collar crime in Rockdale County?

Being convicted of a white collar crime can result in jail time, lead to expensive fines and make it very difficult to obtain future employment. I can provide you assistance with criminal charges such as:

  • Theft, especially theft by employees, is often considered white collar crime. A common theft scheme in Conyers, Georgia involves an accountant who makes payments to himself through the use of fictional vendors or bloated invoices.
  • Bribery occurs when legal campaign contributions cross the line and become direct payments in exchange for preferential treatment (or nontreatment).
  • Fraud can include taking someone else’s money under false pretenses, such as promising to invest it or give it away while intending to keep the money all along.
  • Ponzi schemes were the modern brainchild of Charles Ponzi about a hundred years ago. The “investment banker” recruits new investors to the plan, and uses their investments to pay dividends to older members. There is always an end to these schemes, but very often the end does not come until months, years or even decades have elapsed.

I, Attorney William F. Todd, Jr., have the experience, knowledge and skill necessary to provide an effective defense to white collar crime charges.

What is business embezzlement?

Back when I was a prosecutor, a number of my convictions included business embezzlement cases in Conyers. Business embezzlement includes siphoning company funds into a personal account, as well as forging company checks and other methods of payment to oneself. One of the most damaging things about a business embezzlement conviction, even including the fines and prison sentence, is the damage to your personal and professional reputation.

A Conyers, Georgia attorney who can defend you against white collar crime charges

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