Answering Your Legal Questions About Traffic Violations in Rockdale County

Working to protect your driving record

Even the most careful drivers break traffic laws. Whether it is speeding or failing to fully stop at a stop sign, it is easy to accumulate several traffic violations. For drivers in Rockdale County, even a few scattered traffic violations can add up to serious problems. Georgia is a “points state.” If there are more than 15 points against your license in a two-year period, your license can be suspended. The Law Offices of William F. Todd, Jr., P.C. is prepared to help prevent this from happening.

What are some types of traffic violations in Conyers, Georgia?

Some examples of well-known traffic violations are:

  • Speeding
  • Reckless driving
  • Running a red light

There are many other violations that are not nearly as well known. When you pull out of your driveway in the morning, do you come to a complete stop? Is your seven-year-old always in a booster seat, even for a quick trip to the store? Do you ever drive with your parking lights on? Do you honk at the car in front of you when the light turns green? Even a seemingly harmless misdeed can earn you a trip to municipal court.

What are the penalties for traffic violations in Georgia?

Some common penalties for specific violations are:

  • Unlawfully passing a school bus — 6 points
  • Speeding — up to 6 points
  • Passing uphill or around a curve — 4 points
  • Most moving vehicle offenses — 3 points

Just a few days of running late to work or school in Conyers, Georgia can easily push you past 15 points. Some offenses carry an automatic suspension, especially if you are under 21 years of age. Any loss of driving privilege means, at a minimum, a $200 reinstatement fee on top of the fines for the individual citations and the time you spend dealing with those citations. Mandatory defensive driving can apply in many cases, as can an increase in insurance rates. The longer you drive, and the more points you inevitably accumulate, these penalties become much worse than a mild nuisance or embarrassment. If you are unable to pay your fine on time, or accidentally miss a deadline, a warrant may be issued for your arrest and you could have your driver’s license suspended or revoked.

Avoid these costs by using an experienced Conyers, Georgia criminal attorney

There are several things that an experienced attorney like William F. Todd, Jr. can point out to you to help improve your driving record, reduce points, and avoid license suspensions, such as reduction of speed pled to in your case, attendance at defensive driving school, reduction or changing of charge to something else that does not cause your license to be suspended, plea of nolo contendere, etc. Don’t throw away your money and your liberty because of traffic violations. Contact The Law Offices of William F. Todd, Jr., P.C. via the website or by calling [ln::phone] to schedule your free initial consultation. My office is conveniently located near I-20 and Dogwood Drive.