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“Sex” and “crime” are two words that should probably never go together. Alas, sometimes they do. There may be some physical evidence or third-party testimony to support the prosecutor’s case, but, more often than not, these cases turn on the credibility of the witnesses. An experienced advocate is critical. After all my years focusing on criminal law, both as an attorney and as a judge in Conyers, Georgia, I know how to present your defense effectively.

What are the different types of sex crime?

An experienced criminal attorney can fully explain the charges against you and inform you of your options. Examples of sex crime cases I have handled are:

  • Child molestation — It seems that this type of crime in Georgia is in the news almost every week. Nearly all the time, these types of cases come down to the testimony of the alleged victim and the testimony of the alleged offender. An experienced criminal attorney can make all the difference, because you must be able to convince the jury that your version of the facts is accurate.
  • Child pornography — In the digital era, child pornography is becoming increasingly common. Illegal images are just a few clicks away. And even if you hit the delete key, the police may still be able to find those images on your computer. In my experience, a good legal strategy is to attack each word in the definition. Some defendants are exonerated by essentially saying that “I thought she was 18,” while others are able to say that the picture or video was not pornographic. These and other defenses may or may not be applicable in your case.
  • Rape — Most rape prosecutions are “acquaintance rape” cases. These cases generally involve at least some initial consent that was maliciously and illegally enhanced through alcohol or a more illicit mind-altering substance. In a bygone era, the alleged perpetrator could convince the jury that he was really a nice guy and that the alleged victim was some sort of trollop. Juries are now more sophisticated, and your defense must be more sophisticated as well.
  • Statutory rape — This type of offense goes strictly by the numbers. In keeping with the times, Georgia recently lowered the age of consent to 16. Georgia also has a close-in-age exception, popularly known as a “Romeo and Juliet” law, which applies if the age difference is less than three years.

What are some restrictions that sex offenders face?

There are a variety of laws relating to sex offenders. Although the harsh laws in Conyers, Georgia were the subject of a lawsuit in 2010, many restrictions and reporting requirements remain in place. A sex offender must register with the state, and the state watches him or her forever. If the offense occurred before 2003, a convicted offender is not allowed to live near a church or a school. Both the offender and anyone who helps the offender avoid the registration laws face felony prosecutions. It is very difficult to have one’s name removed from the database, even if the offense is decades old.

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